Auto and other manufacturing jobs

Auto and other manufacturing jobs having been moving south for years. Mexican auto production more than doubled in the past decade, and the consulting firm IHS Automotive expects it to rise another 50 percent to just under 5 million vehicles by 2022. Production is expected to increase only 3 percent, to 12.2 million vehicles, in the next seven years..

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The film was a commercial success, making over $230 million at box office, so it’s no surprise there’s been rumblings about a sequel. Earlier this year, Warner Bros renewed the rights for Space Jam so, as Time reports, there is the distinct possibility of a sequel. Further rumours were fuelled when Lebron James partnered up with Warner Brothers and there was speculation James would feature in the sequel..

Camden is considered one of the wholesale mlb jerseys 134 food deserts in New Jersey with just one supermarket, a Pathmark, in the city of nearly 80,000 residents. While there are many food bodegas, those establishments offer mainly cheap, unhealthy food. To help residents get access to healthier options, there are 116 community gardens in Camden and lawmakers are trying to bring mobile vehicles carrying fresh produce to the city.

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