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Kruit! op een bijzondere locatie

Er is al een aantal maanden voorbij sinds dat de cast en crew van DeltaDua terug is van de succesvol verlopen IndonesiĆ«-tournee. KRUIT! on tour is afgesloten in een afgeladen Erasmushuis in Jakarta en met een paginagroot artikel in de Jakarta Post. Inmiddels zijn de voorbereidingen in volle gang voor de reprise van KRUIT!. De nieuwe reeks voorstellingen zou eigenlijk in februari zijn maar door omstandigheden waar wij geen controle […]

Voorstellingen reprise Kruit! verplaatst naar mei

Door omstandigheden waar wij geen controle over hebben, is het helaas onmogelijk gebleken om Molucca BambooWind Orchestra in februari naar Nederland te halen voor hun aandeel in onze muziektheatervoorstelling Kruit! Omdat het muziekgezelschap uit Ambon een essentieel onderdeel is van de in IndonesiĆ« gemaakte nieuwe versie van het succesvolle stuk uit het vorige theaterseizoen, hebben wij in overleg met de betreffende theaters besloten om (het merendeel) van de geplande reprise […]

Oxford Road

You can find parking options that cost up to 70% less than the lots offered at the airport. Plus, you can get a deal by booking online in advance and can usually find a coupon code to save even more.” (Flying can have some pretty unpleasant effects on your body. “Discount codes and flash sales can bring down the price even more. Mr O a former detective chief inspector, said: […]


Six stuffed rolls are set atop a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and pickle slices. Warm pita bread and yogurt sauce adorn the heaping little cacoons filled with moist and flavorful rice that is just enough of a punch to tickle your tongue but not overcome the taste of the leaves. The tangy rolls are good on their own, or folded into the bread with the veggies and sauce.. Researchers also […]

domestically and

Because of that economic potential and because it can be produced domestically and year round analysts are positing that meth could become responsible for a turning point in the wars between Mexican cartels. Is produced and controlled by Colombians, leading Mexicans to begrudgingly find themselves as little more than middlemen in the process, according to a reportby Stratfor, a global intelligence outfit. This allows South American cocaine producers to play […]

Orange County employers

Ponder local employment progress since the bubble burst a decade ago. Orange County employers had 1.6 million workers at year end 2016, up 250,000 positions since the start of 2010. The extended upswing in homebuying proves that plenty of those new positions paid well enough to help a household afford to buy.. Unfortunately, i keep hearing of overheating issues regarding the official dongles resulting in failure in the long run, […]

Ice. Chicken

Nebraska legislators have struggled to restrict chemicals used in such synthetic drugs. The products skirt federal food and drug regulations, disguised as potpourri, incense or bath salts not for human consumption. When lawmakers outlaw a substance, the chemists tweak their formula to keep their product within the letter of the law.. Is not a relentless march to the next fuel apocalypse, he said. In a cheap environment and that environment […]

enjoyed the links to

Aside from the economics, these young workers have enjoyed the links to each other and to workers elsewhere who they have been reaching out to. They see their struggle as an ethical as well as an economic issue. Indeed, their political involvement has been personally transformative. Schick points out that while Best Buy and Wal Mart are the leaders in consumer electronics retailing, Target, Costco, BJ Wholesale and online retailer […]


Just having these expectations rings of privilege. People I know who actually grew up poor and working class and from an “illegal” class have few of these expectations I have grown to know as middle and upper middle class values. Whether they are hidden behind hip clothes and “anarchist” philosophies, or sported with hubris and conceit, they are the same thing.. Nearly all of the growth is happening in Market […]

I playing at ivy Pool

The Wright brothers invented a small wooden plane that first flew in 1903, Trump said, a far cry from the use of carbon fiber in the newest 787, which has room for 330 passengers. Workers comes not from advanced technology but from factories that have moved manufacturing overseas, Trump said something he pledged to stop, saying, will be a very substantial penalty to be paid. Too, highlighted the advancements of […]

depth potential at

Since the nearby Woxi mine 10km away extends 1500m underground, the depth potential at Shenjiaya is obvious. AM reckons this regional structure extends to 2400m. Importantly, underground risks are mitigated by strong sedimentary host rock and a local workforce already trained for this environment.The blue sky aspect doesn’t end there. BLACK FOREST 50 E. 11th Ave. 686 6619. When is the last time you felt nourished and satisfied by a […]

know what’s filled the

And as people have looked away in disillusionment and frustration, we know what’s filled the void. The cynics, and the lobbyists, and the special interests who’ve turned our government into a game only they can afford to play. They write the checks and you get stuck with the bills, they get the access while you get to write a letter, they think they own this government, but we’re here today […]

Cheap railways

As one of the most wired places on earth, Seoul has been a crucible for several startup scenes. The government is even aiming to make a town south of Seoul a Korean Silicon Valley. But it is in the 40 square kilometres of land south of the Han river where the growth of Internet and mobile startups has been most evident and the related culture most vivid.. 7. Shop Around […]

the low fuel prices

It lower, Fernandez said, people can afford to get gas. Now, the low fuel prices have been a boon for auto dealers whose lots are filled with trucks and sport utility vehicles. At the Capitol Buick GMC dealership in San Jose, where SUVs and trucks account for 80 percent of sales, manager Steve Perez said sales have risen since this time last year. The truth is you can get a […]

For example

If such a meeting ever happened, to see where the decision came from to emphasise other facets to Regina’s canon of work. This is a great album, however, these choices, the sequencing and above all, knowing the remaining tracks available, it leaves me slightly perplexed as to how this came to be.(My slightly laboured point here is that these first four releases are not at all bad but neither are […]

Dropped off a huge bin

“We hand pick every bit of it, so you don’t get all the fat and mess in it,” he says. There has been a Lanes grocery on this spot since you needed a ferry to get across the river; the old grocery building that houses the restaurant has been here since the 1930s. It’s small just six tables and five stools but if the weather’s fine you can sit on […]

I decided I make

However, for the listener, this is not necessarily a detractor. This is no cheap show, despite the fact that you are, theoretically, seeing it from the cheap seats. What We Saw from the Cheap Seats is a welcome addition to Spektor’s discography, as affecting and delightful as anything she’s made in the past.. This year, I decided I make just the bow. That done mostly on cheap authentic jerseys Facebook, […]

But some manager

But some manager not care. In one story I heard, when a housekeeper was unable to finish cleaning the expected number of rooms in the expected amount of time, she was forced to clock out and then finish the work, unpaid. This seems unlikely (not to mention illegal), but employers confirm that there isn really an industry standard on this.. Cash purchases certainly have disadvantages, though. You can get a […]

Aftermarket has

Aftermarket has seen an increase in poor quality, non brand parts, especially in the last five years, said Daniel Ninivaggi, CEO of the aftermarket division and co CEO of the parent company. The industry, haven done a good job telling the public about our parts, about the quality and safety differences. Federal Mogul plans to hire 30 technicians from metro Detroit who will travel the United States to educate installers […]

Companies marketing

Companies marketing to rural markets try to reduce the packaging costs, since it’s a value driven market. While on the other end urban consumers relate packaging to quality which makes marketers pump in extra money. However due to the low literacy levels in this segment, masses here have their own nomenclature to identify products. In the Belts Components category are three suppliers. I never did figure what the “components” are, […]

But given tight budgets

But given tight budgets, opportunities to make substantial improvements for a relatively small investment should be high on the transportation priority list. In many places, rush hour backups can be reduced significantly by making dedicated turn lanes longer, making lines of through traffic shorter. Several intersections along Highway 9 are undergoing just such improvements, or are scheduled to in the near future.. All that said, it would have been an […]

Whichever model you go

Yet the Adam Rocks and Adam Rocks Air deliver the best ride in the range, with their 15mm increase in ride height meaning longer travel suspension.Whichever model you go for, a City steering mode makes the wheel light around town for parking and then disengages at 30mph plus to deliver a more natural feel. Combined with the Adam’s small dimensions, it ensures the car is a natural in the urban […]

His second

I went to Egypt alone when I was 17 with a tour operator, followed by a trip by myself to South East Asia. I tried to stay at cheap places. Early on I learned two important things 1. It’s odd, or mildly interesting at least, that the four first tracks lifted off the album to date are all less Regina than you may be used to.(Please excuse the footballing/soccer analogy […]