Dakota Quality Grain in New Town

Dakota Quality Grain in New Town recently received 25 cars. They had them all loaded for market within days of the arrival. The situation in New Town is not as dire as other places, according to DQG Manager Randy Froshaug.. Over a recreation of Cheryl Lynn s Got to Be Real that I somehow like more than the original (almost the same way I do the rearranged GTBR of Funky 4 + 1 s That s the Joint, except this doesn t have nearly that kind of thrust, not to mention the horn parts), this was one of the most militant early rap records: While you re partying on on on on and on/The others may be hot by the break of dawn/Your party may end one day soon/While they re rounding niggers up in the afternoon. I count six voices here half male and half female and what I think I love most is their semianonymity: this has the feel of an idealized community organization meeting, the vocals less traded off than everyone speaking in turn, itching to make their points about America being built on genocide and not taking any shorts to get what the black nation needs. The Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron are always invoked as crucial conscious hip hop forerunners, and they are, but Public Enemy and the Coup are unimaginable without this..

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