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As to the rebuild of Canal Street, the Ohio Department of Transportation has undertaken the task of rebuilding the road. As you may know, the road was built on what had been a canal. The subsurface was never designed to accommodate today’s traffic, and it has weakened over the years.

I am saddened to report that victims of the Oakland Warehouse (“Ghost Ship”) fire included two recent employees of the West Contra Costa Unified School District, Travis Hough and Sara Hoda. I have been informed by District sources that Mr. Hough and Ms.

Underlying all of this is a technological wholesale nfl jerseys revolution. The power of distributed computing combined with pervasive networking, cheap storage, and burgeoning bandwidth translates into new capabilities that in turn create opportunities. These opportunities allow human beings to connect, and to be informed, entertained, and productive in ways that were unimaginable until recently..

Second, nuclear power is a great investment for Southeastern states especially. It gives us 24/7 base load power, provides grid stability and serves as a hedge against volatile natural gas prices all without any of the emissions associated with conventional fuels. The two new Vogtle units represent $4 billion in economic value for Georgia ratepayers over the next best available option fracked gas and you know how cheap that is..

Chuckanut Devil’s Little Nut. This questionably named low gravity lager pours a ghost pale yellow so transparent you could read a newspaper through it. Yet for a hopped up beer, at 68 or so IBUs, its flavor from Tettnanger, a noble hop, retains a delicate, light, airy feel as you’d expect in a beer Chuckanut had a hand in.

Here a couple of new books that are fascinating reads. Vines: Greed, Murder, Obsession, and an Arsonist in the Vineyards of California by Frances Dinkelspiel chronicles the largest wine arson in the world. In 2005 4.5 million bottles of wine valued at more than $250 wholesale jerseys million were destroyed in cheap nfl jerseys a wine cellar near San Francisco.

Your neighbors can be your best home security especially the nosy one next door. Last year, the woman saw two men outside a house looking suspicious. She called the police, and the men were caught cutting the window screen trying to break in. Herb Sih: It started at an early age. I started working at my father chemical company at the age of eight. He was a scientist and entrepreneur.

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