Most of us assume that the face

Most of us assume that the face of the health care crisis is that of an uninsured person. Those people certainly are one face of it, but to tell the story simply through the eyes of these people is to paint a flat picture of a multi dimensional issue. There are people with no health insurance whatsoever, people on Medicaid who’ve seen their services shrink as government reimbursements have shrunk (health care providers treat Medicaid patients at a loss thanks to this) and there are people who have health insurance through their employer who have watched premiums and co pays rise to where paying for what used to be a perk of your job now makes it difficult to pay the mortgage..

Shoppers went wild at Wal Mart in the little town of Atlanta, Texas, on Black Friday, swapping punches and tossing an old lady into a bin. Police held wild eyed customers at bay at a Wal Mart in Bloomingdale, Ill. They stampeded in a money saving rage at the Wal Mart in West Memphis, Ark.

Few non Latino workers know how to install flooring any more, or are willing to do it for $10 to $15 an hour. Some flooring workers are here legally, but the trade is a magnet for those without papers. They keep wages and floor installation costs low.

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