The Celtic Croft, a store in Minneapoli

The Celtic Croft, a store in Minneapolis, was where Floyd bought one of the kilts he will be wearing for the month. Cheap kilts for sport are typically sold for $100, he said, while good 16 ounce wool kits are about $1,100. Most pleats on the kilt are 3 to 4 inches deep, too, Floyd said.

In addition, insurers could customize insurance products for customers without requiring them to sell their products at a loss.Consequently, in a free environment, patients will increasingly choose inexpensive insurance products designed to function like insurance in nonhealth care markets. People buy homeowners insurance in case disaster strikes, not to pay for replacing light bulbs or fixing leaky faucets. Similarly, patients fed up with Obamacare insurance prices will trade in their pricey plans, which cover 10 essential health benefits for which they may never need insurance, for cheap catastrophic coverage.For routine health care services, free patients will take advantage of growing trends among health care providers offering patients substantial discounts, such as with direct pay agreements costing $300 $1,500 per year far less than an Obamacare insurance premium or deductible.

Email marketing to your own list is very effective and offers response rates of up to 15% or even higher particularly in the case of newsletters. Every company from one person operations to multi national corporations should collect email addresses from all of their customers and prospects to build their email list. Companies can do this on their website, on sales, service and customer support calls, at trade shows or events or in a guest book at their office or store.

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